Shoes Shoes Shoes <3

Yes, I admit. I’m a Shoeholic!

When surfing the Net-A-Porter, I came across these beauties. I have nowhere near enough money to buy them, therefore I can only admire the pictures. Too bad. Luckily I have prom next year, so I will need some really good looking high heels. Girl, start saving!

Carven Suede pumps   320€

Burberry Leather wooden wedge heels  45o€

Diane von Furstenberg Opal leather wedge sandals   250€

Did you notice, that all 3 pairs are in black? Usually I don’t really like black shoes so much… They’re too ordinary.

But you know, my birthday is coming (26.July!!!) and I need new sneakers, so these can potentially be mine… Just 80€. Sooo cute.

Converse Patent leather hi-top sneakers

Eurovision 2010

This year’s Eurovision is over. Germany won and I must say that I really like the song. It is fresh, it is catchy and very simple. But in general, I did not like the whole show. Some of the songs weren’t that bad but most of them are not worth mentioning.

Slovenia did not get to the finals, as was expected. The song really wasn’t suitable for Eurosong.

Anyway, here is my TOP 5 from this year’s Eurovision.

1. Lena – Satellite      Germany

2.  Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira – Run Away      Moldova

3.  Milan Stankovic – Ovo Je Balkan      Serbia

4.  Safura – Drip Drop     Azerbaijan

5. Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire          Romania

So, what do you think about the winner and the others? Who should win?

Mia Morgan

I just got email with some links for several Spring/Summer videos that were filmed during New York Fashion Week in September 09.  And this one really caught my eye. It’s about Mia Morgan. She’s a celebrity fashion stylist and film costume designer. She is best known for her work with a wide variety of clients such as Beyonce Knowles, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, Meryl Streep. Named in WWD Magazine’s top 50 stylists. And this video is actually an interview with her and you should really check it out. It’s good.

source: BarracudaTV

Fight against AIDS and shop in H&M

May 20 sees the launch of H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) collection, which in the past two years has raised over SEK 30 million to help raise HIV/AIDS awareness and fight the spread of the disease. This year, FAA has expanded to become a complete festival collection – perfect for one of the hottest looks of the summer. You can sse whole collection on

Have to say, it’s not really my style, but still, good stuff. Pieces are edgy and good looking. If something is left of my allowance at the end of the month, I’ll spend it in H&M on this collection.

Girls festival kit for 17.95€
Dress for 19.95€
Dress for 9.95€

Remember young Britney?

There was a time when I was big fan of Britney Spears you know. I have all of her CDs and her music was always on. Today, out of the blue I started to mumble one of of her oldest songs and it have been stuck in my head for the past few hours. So I started looking for CD and I found it in the farthest corner under my bed. I didn’t quite remember the title so I had to listen to all songs. And they’re still good. And the lyrics are quite reasonable. Her songs were so much better on the begining of her career.

These two are still my favorites.

I can’t be tamed. But I can be Amazed.

In general I don’t like Miley Cyrus very much, but this video is CRAZY AMAZING. I literally watched it like hudred times. She’s my music obssesion this week.

Screen on my computer broke down yesterday, so I’m on my mom’s laptop and I won’t post really regularly. Sorry bout that.